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Silverknight Consulting
Serving Hardware & Software Manufacturers in the
Broadcast, Teleproduction and Professional Audio Industries

Silverknight Consulting

Silverknight Consulting is headed by Michael Silbergleid, co-editor of "The Guide to Digital Television, 3rd edition." Silbergleid also served as former editor-in-chief of Television Broadcast magazine and the former editor of DigitalTelevision.com. Since beginning his professional career in 1984, Silbergleid has held the positions of station manager, producer, director, video editor, technical director, chief engineer and director of engineering. This experience is rare in entertainment technology public relations. Silbergleid's knowledge of the technology and the needs of the user has built his reputation for understanding highly complex technologies and being able to relate those technologies in a clear, concise manner. He knows what the trade press is looking for in stories and press releases from entertainment technology companies.

The associates and strategic partners of Silverknight Consulting are brought in on an as needed basis and have years of experience in public relations, marketing and journalism, as well as a broad background in broadcasting and teleproduction.

Silverknight Consulting maintains two strategic partnerships in order to more effectively serve our clients. This gives our clients access to other PR and marketing professionals with complementary skill sets that can be immediately brought in to work on a project. This gives each agency the ability to respond like a large agency, but with the service of a boutique agency.

Our first partnership was established in 2000 with Aries MarketMasters, a public relations and marketing firm in Fountain Valley, Calif. headed by Dawn Danaher. With almost two decades of high-tech marketing experience in the Silicon Valley area, Danaher brings a powerful and critical West Coast connection to Silverknight Consulting.

Our second strategic partnership is with The Birkeland Group, which specializes in B2B focused strategic consulting serving motion-imaging and other technology providers. Based in Oregon, The Birkeland Group is helmed by long-time industry veterans Laura Barber and Carl Guess.

Since opening our doors in June of 1999, we have worked with some of the leading companies in their respective fields:

  • Aveco & Aveco Americas
  • BUF Technology
  • Colorist Society International (C.S.I.)
  • Compix
  • Divicom
  • Editware
  • Faroudja Enterprises
  • FAST Multimedia AG
  • Government Video Technology Expo
  • Grass Valley
  • GTE Network Service/VideoConnect
  • Harmonic
  • Kerner New York
  • LinuxSC
  • Media Excel
  • Miller Freeman PSN
  • Mixing Light
  • MusicPlayer.com
  • National Mobile Television (NMT)
  • NEC Broadcast
  • Newbay Media
  • Panasonic Broadcast (as a sub-client)
  • Philips Broadcast
  • PR&me
  • Preview Systems
  • SchubinCafe.com
  • SoliDDD Corp.
  • Sony Broadcast (as a sub-client)
  • Sports Video Group
  • Tektronix
  • THOMSON multimedia Broadcast & Network Solutions
  • Triveni Digital
  • Xeno Technologies
  • and others who, for various reasons, don't want us to talk about them (everyone has their secrets).

    Silverknight Consulting was assembled with one goal in mind: To serve clients as partners and provide them with the utmost in value in public relations and marketing. This is at the heart of our mission. We invite you to learn more about Silverknight Consulting and the services we offer by exploring the topic links listed at left, and by contacting us at 239-703-7802.

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